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How to improve your academic writing

In a research essay, an essay writer usually loses direction, and their thoughts start to deviate. A research essay has to deal with many studies and critical evidence, which usually distracts a writer. Either that writer invests all the sources of evidence and lacks claims, or sometimes that writer becomes prey to fallacies.

The word fallacies refer to errors while explaining a logic or building an argument. It is the most common type of error that occurs while writing research essays. Research essays must be a composition of logic that supports the topic sentence or claim. It must be coherent and related to the claim made by the writer. If any of the claims are unrelated, then that causes a fallacy. There are various fallacies which are as follows.

The first one is the slippery slope, which is an overexaggerated viewpoint like if A happens, then Z is bound to happen. This scenario does not apply to all the objects that exist in the world. For instance, if someone writes that spinach is not good for uric acid patients, thus, they should not eat any other vegetable too. This is an overexaggerated argument that holds no evidence to prove and is logically incorrect.

To ensure the proper flow of ideas in my essays through paragraphs. The first step I take as I write my essay is to avoid fallacies. In this article, we will see a few fallacies that usually writers do, and we will also see a way to avoid those mistakes. The following is a detailed introduction to fallacies and a solution to overcome those blunders of writing.

The second one is a hasty generalization, where the person is rigid that the stance is right without doing much research. The research lacks facts and figures and jumps to conclusions abruptly. For instance, after reading this chapter, it is clear that the book is boring and has no data. This statement is wrong as after just a single chapter, a declaration cannot be made about a book. Similarly, researchers also make this mistake and thus, lose the authenticity of their study.

The other one is the genetic fallacy, which states that the person is the same as their ancestors. According to this fallacy, inheritors of a certain tribe possess the same characteristics without any difference. For example, All of Hitler's successors are barbaric. In this case, we are judging all people based on the forefather and not on their personal traits. This concept is logically wrong, and it makes a paragraph faulty. If you are confused and you need help in writing you can ask essay writer for help.

Another famous fallacy is Ad Hominem, which is characterized by attacking the character of a person; instead of building strong arguments. For instance, developing countries are always begging to the developed countries. In this statement, no stats are available only a blame-based judgment is stated that damages the quality of content.

Lastly, Bandwagon appeal is another common mistake of writers where the writer asks the readers to believe the majority's opinion. For example, girls cannot play all sports. This is an opinion of many, but it is not the right opinion, which makes it a fallacy.

There are other fallacies too; however, these are the most common ones. To cater to these fallacies, essay writing service's writers should devise a strategy for themselves to structure their paragraphs prior to writing. No matter how expert you are, one must follow the protocol of writing. The writing protocol includes deciding a topic, brainstorming, writing ideas, research, making notes, a brief outline, first draft, proofread, and final draft. Most experienced and successful writers follow this technique, and if they do not, then they all cause fallacies.

Writing a research essay is not as simple as doing your English language or creative essay. It requires much more attention and carefulness to complete the task. The above-stated writing protocol is just a basic way to let go of the fallacies. Nonetheless, that is not the only way to let go of the fallacies. There is another way to structure your paragraphs and hence avoid mistakes.

Writers, for their ease, should listen to expert's advice, which shares an outline to craft your body paragraphs and cover paragraphs. Cover paragraphs include the introduction and conclusion. An introduction is the opening of the research essay, which should start with a definition, then a brief background of the topic, and a thesis statement. A thesis statement should be constructed carefully; it should be a compound-complex sentence catering to all the results of your research. As for the conclusion paragraph, it should start with the thesis statement, then a summary of all the claims, and a closing statement for the whole research. The closing statement should be impactful to put a constructive end to the research.

Moving towards structuring of body paragraphs, these paragraphs should start with a topic sentence or claim, followed by a premise or basis of that claim, after these two a solid relevant evidence with some statistical or empirical results should be shared, and lastly, the paragraph should be reflected in one or two summarized lines. If a writer follows these guidelines and avoids fallacies, then the whole essay will comprehensively structure itself. Furthermore, if you are busy, or think that you lack basic structuring knowledge. Then you can ask for a essay writer online. They will aid you in completing the task without any further ado.

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